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School of Law gets approval to offer master of laws degree

MKU Chairman Prof. Simon Gicharu joined by other dignitary during Accredatition of MKU Parklands Campus

Law Campus launch Journal and  Center for International and Development law

Course Rationale
Diploma in Law Programme to align it to the market needs, emerging legal issues and new niche area. The idea is formed by the realization that the changing social-legal environment requires paralegals who are not only equipped with practical legal skills but also those with a comprehensive understanding of the socio-economic and political environments within which the legal systems operate.

The philosophy of the Diploma programme is to enhance legal and National development through the training and of all rounded paralegals.

Why study the programme
The Bachelor of Laws degree programme aims at introducing the learners to the international legal order and its relationship with development. Therefore, upon the successful completion of the LLB programme, the graduate should be able to:

Programme Duration
The programme shall take three academic years consisting of 6 (six) semesters. A semester shall consist of 17(seventeen) weeks distributed as 15 (fifteen) weeks for teaching and 2 (two) weeks for examinations.
The programme offers the learner an option to either attend a day or evening class during the semester.

Goal of the Programme
The Diploma in Law Programme aims at:
1. Training paralegals that have sound ethical, national and professional values.
2. Equipping learners with knowledge and skills on law and paralegal practice
3. Exposing learners to the underlying role of paralegals in addressing human rights and justice issues at the community level.
4. Introducing learners to the general principles of international and development law

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