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School of Law gets approval to offer master of laws degree

MKU Chairman Prof. Simon Gicharu joined by other dignitary during Accredatition of MKU Parklands Campus

Law Campus launch Journal and  Center for International and Development law

List of Course Units of the Programme
Year 1 Semester 1
Core Units
1. BLW1101: Legal Research and Writing
2. BLW1102: Criminal Law
3. BLW1103: Constitutional Law
4. BLW1104: Legal Systems and Methods
5. BLW1105: Law of Contracts
6. BLW1106: Social Foundations of Law
7. BLW1107: Introduction to International and Development Law

Year 1 Semester 2
Core Units
1. BLW1201: Law of Torts
2. BLW1202: Equity and the Law of Trusts
3. BLW1203: Administrative Law
4. BLW1204: Law of Evidence I
5. BLW1205: Property Law 1
6. BLAW1206: Introduction to Forced Migration Law
7. BUCU 0001: Development Studies

Year 2, Semester 1
Core Units
1. BLW2101: Commercial Law
2. BLW2102: Public International Law
3. BLW2103: Law of Evidence II
4. BLW2104: Law & Democracy
5. BLW2105: Criminal Procedure
6. BLW2106: Law and Development
7. BLW2107: Information Communication and Technology Law

Year 2, Semester 2
Core Units
1. BLW2201: Labour Law
2. BLW2202: Law of Business Association
3. BLW2203: Property Law II
4. BLW2204: International Human Rights Law
5. BLW2205: Criminology and Penology
6. BLW2206: Civil Procedure
7. BLW2207: Medical Law and Ethics

Year 3, Semester 1
Core Units
1. BLW3101: Family Law
2. BLW3102: Jurisprudence
3. BLW3103: Company Law
4. BLW3104: Private International Law
5. BLW3105: International Criminal Law
6. BLW3106: International Refugee Law

Elective Units (Elect 1)
7. BLW3107: International Humanitarian Law
8. BLW3108: Competition Law

Year 3, Semester 2
Core Unit
1. BLW3201: Law of Succession
2. BLW3202: Law of Insolvency
3. BLW3203: International Trade Law
4. BLW3204: International Economic Law
5. BLW3205: Gender and the Law
6. BLW3206: International Environmental Law
7. BLW3207: Judicial Attachment

Elective Units (Elect 1)
8. BLW3208: Consumer Protection Law
9. BLW3209: International Corporate Governance Law

Year 4, Semester 1
Core Units
1. BLW4101: Dissertation Proposal Writing
2. BLW4102: Law and Security
3. BLW4103: Children and the Law
4. BLW4104: Practical Legal Clinics
5. BLW4105: Maritime Law

Elective Units (Elect 1)
6. BLW4106: Alternative Dispute Resolution
7. BLW4107: Regional Integration Law

Year 4, Semester 2
Core Units
1. BLW4201: Dissertation Writing
2. BLW4202: International Tax Law
3. BLW4203: Global Justice and Development
4. BLW4204: Intellectual Property Law

Elective Units (Elect 1)
5. BLW4205: International Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation
6. BLW4206: Law and Minority Groups Rights


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