moot court profile“Greatest tradition of PLC is its commitment to critical analysis of law, legal institutions, and legal education itself. As a bona fide alumni, the curricular innovations revise rich knowledge facilitated my enthusiastic and dedication in the legal field and scholar to keep pace with rapidly evolving legal, economic, political and technological developments. I got a sense of the school’s intellectual life from the variety of research, moot court and legal aid clinics programs that we as learners were exposed to and has enabled fast grasp of practical aspects of law.

A spirit of public service infused in the moot court expose learns to seek innovative solutions to real-world problems and doctrinal research. The skills acquired are attributed to the employment opportunity secured at the moment in a lead law firm in Nairobi.

In my tenure as a student received tremendous support from superb staff and extraordinary ultra-modern facilities including in houses unparalleled collection of legal materials, from unique historical works to the latest in digital resources.” - Mr. Chacha Lucas Matiko
Moot court 1Ultra-modern Moot Court established in 2009 leveraged on modern ICT infrastructure and integrated students/learning management systems making both online and physical mooting feasible amidst covid 19. The facility has an exclusive advantage of access to eLearning resources which has strengthened the learner’s ability to research and produce high quality pleadings. The combination of video conferencing and wireless technology allows for external and international networking thus presenting the opportunity to accommodate e-moot competitions involving teams from every corner of the globe.

We have made it more student-centered, in a self-paced format, and it encourages students to take responsibility for their own mooting lessons as a teaching methodology.

The Moot Court, situated on the ground floor has capacity of 100 seats in theatre style, and fitted with audio-visual teleconferencing, court-room furniture and recording equipment allowing the moots to be documented and used as teaching methodology.

The Moot court gives students the valuable practical experience in both legal research and persuasive argument, as well as giving students the chance to make contacts with practising lawyers, Judicial officers, Inter Governmental Organizations and UN agencies. It prepares students with mooting experience crucial, point-earning activity on both the Bar Professional Training Course and Legal Practice Course application process that leads to excellent performance of MKU students in the Advocates Training Programme.

Moot court 2

Through the Moot court, the Campus has entered into synergetic partnerships with legal institutions to offer public lectures on trial advocacy and mooting technique.

PLC has been privileged to host the prestigious Manfred Lachs space law Moot competition organized by the International Institute of Space Law (IISL). The campus has participated in several regional and international competitions including but not limited to; Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition in South Africa, Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot hosted by the King's College London, Nils Business and Human Rights Moot Court Competition in Hague, The Extractives Baraza Moot Court Competition, Regional Children Rights Moot Court Competition, All African Moot Court Competition, among others.

Partnership with NGOs resulted in the campus participation in the following competitions; Equally Now Moot Court Competition on Two Thirds Gender Rule, Intervarsity competition in partnership with Amnesty Kenya and International Jurist Commission Kenya section (ICJ competition) essay among others.

The facility is available for further partnership in film shoots, press launches and conferences host with an exclusive difference.

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